In Memoriam

 *** IN MEMORIAM ***

The following are our dear members that have passed away.

We still consider them as part of our association family and want to keep them in our memories.

.Betty Sue (McCauley) Murray :

.Betty Sue (McCauley) Murray

Born November 20, 1942, Clarksville, Texas
Died January 25, 2005, Fort Worth, Texas

.Rebecca A. “Becky” (Forrester) Glasgow :

.Rebecca A. “Becky” (Forrester) Glasgow

Born 1947, Fulton, Kentucky
Died January 14, 2015, Willow Park, Texas

.Jacquelyn Sue “Jacquie” (Ross) King :

.Jacquelyn Sue “Jacquie” (Ross) King

Born August 8, 1946, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Died September 30, 2017, Weatherford, Texas