In Memoriam

 *** IN MEMORIAM ***

The following are our dear members that have passed away.

We still consider them as part of our association family and want to keep them in our memories.

z-Betty Sue (McCauley) Murray :

z-Betty Sue (McCauley) Murray

Born November 20, 1942, Clarksville, Texas
Died January 25, 2005, Fort Worth, Texas

z-Rebecca A. “Becky” (Forrester) Glasgow :

z-Rebecca A. “Becky” (Forrester) Glasgow

Born 1947, Fulton, Kentucky
Died January 14, 2015, Willow Park, Texas

z-Jacquelyn Sue “Jacquie” (Ross) King :

z-Jacquelyn Sue “Jacquie” (Ross) King

Born August 8, 1946, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Died September 30, 2017, Weatherford, Texas