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Artist-of-the-Month rules from the WAA by-laws are as follows: 

Section 1. Artist of the Month. Artist of the Month shall be open to a vote of voting-members only. First place winners will not be eligible to enter competition for the remainder of the competition year (June thru May). Artwork must be original and have been created within the past three years.

Section 2. Artist of the Year. First place winners of the Artist of the Month Competition shall compete for Artist of the Year at the June Regular Meeting of the Membership. Entries shall be their Artist of the Month winning entry, unless unavailable.

2018-09 Artist-of-the-Month [September]
2018-08 Artist-of-the-Month [August]
2018-07 Artist-of-the-Month [July]
2018-06 Artist-of-the-Year [2018]
2018-06 Artist-of-the-Month [June]
2018-04 Artist-of-the-Month [April]
2018-03 Artist-of-the-Month [March]
2018-02 Artist-of-the-Month [February]
2018-01 Artist-of-the-Month [January]
2017-10 Artist-of-the-Month [October]
2017-09 Artist-of-the-Month [September]
2017-08 Artist-of-the-Month [August]
2017-06 Artist-of-the-Month [June]

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